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Mental Institution of the Universe


Icon Contest Winners

Affiliates: mizugazipan

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is Love.

Chris/Jill is love.

Made by iconzicons

The brushes/textures/gradiants/tutorials I use for making my icons have been by V Brush, Iconism, my_wonderful, Hybrid Genesis, ankhutenshi, ohpaintbrush, dearest, detoxcocktails, mizugazipan, scarsonchest, disasteriffic, xg0newiththesin, aetter, cdg_brushes, firithel, dark_branwen, dieaku, endlessdeep, bluebellflames, soulspring, and Faded_icons, vol4itca

acting, adultswim, advent children, ai yazawa, aino minako, alan alda, alexandra spears hunting, angel, anime, art, batman, battle royale, books, character portraits, clearbrook, dancing, dogs, dogs: bullets & carnage, dr. cox/jordan, dvds, elfquest, faramir/eowyn, faramirxeowyn, ff7, ff7 advent children, ffvii, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy icons, final fantasy vii, firefly, fred weasley, fuu, genso suikoden, harry potter, history, hurting stupid people, i'm a god warrior, icons, icontests, illyria, internet, jack sparrow, jin, joshua middleton, kill bill, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts icons, kinki kids, kiryuu touga, kori, lara/alister, legend of zelda, legend of zelda icons, lord of the rings, making icons, maria traydor, mocking chuck norris, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3s, mpreg is retarded, mugen, music, nana, naoko takeuchi, newsies, one-eye, one-eye and clearbrook, powerpuff girls z, pretty guardian sailor moon, reading, resident evil, richard pini, ringu, sailor moon, sailor moon icons, sailor v, sailor venus, samurai champloo, sealab 2021, serenity, series of unfortunate events, silent hill, sin city, sin city icons, sirius, sirius black, someone, soundtracks, sparks, spider man, spider-man, spiderman, star ocean 3, star wars, suikoden, sunny baudelaire, teen titans, tenjou utena, the ring, theater, tir mcdohl, touga & utena, touga and utena, touga/utena, tougaxutena, traveling, utada hikaru, utena, utena & touga, utena and touga, utena icons, utena/touga, utenaxtouga, video games, weiss kreuz, wendy pini, west side story, writing, x men, x-23, x-men, xmen, zelda, キラ


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